The company SWISS-FORM a.s. was founded as a joint stock company in 1990 by Czech and Swiss shareholders with its headquarters established in Nejdek near Karlovy Vary. At the time the company was already running as a sheet metal pressing facility with only three employees. The production hall was initially used as a paper mill, glassworks company and even as a housing facility. Unfortunately, the premises were severely damaged and overall reconstruction was necessary. During the on-going construction works the production was handled in another location and returned to headquarters in 1992 after the complete reconstruction of the facilities.  As the volume of orders kept increasing the company needed to expand its machine fleet as well as production space and manpower. Throughout the next few years the company grew to almost 200 employees and built up two new production halls. We took up the chance to become one of the first meta sheet pressing companies in Czech Republic that was equipped with fully automated machinery to produce complex predefined metal shapes and to test the new machines.

Due to challenging geographical conditions around the company´s headquarters there were no possibilities for a further development of the production site. In 2018, we started to build up a new production hall and office spaces in a different location where the company was re-settled in early 2019. The production hall in area of 6000m2 provides a sufficient space and capacity to meet all the needs of our customers.

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